heimdall's account management dashboard (tm)


ez as pie, just send a nice encrypted e-mail to postmaster at heimdall dot pm with your desired username and domain,
and I'll see if you can become part of the club ;) you can find the right PGP key here (I won't respond to unencrypted mail)
right now, there's heimdall.pm and wideput.in available for registration.
all e-mails are also fully working XMPP accounts, with file upload, audio/video calls, muc, etc.

« rules »

  1. No illegal activities,
  2. No spam / harassment,
  3. No account abuse (i.e. asking for 30 mail accounts).

I reserve the right to have the final decision on any account that is found to be in violation of any of these three rules. Don't be a jerk and everything will be okay. I'm not an asshole.

Please report any abuse to this e-mail address: abuse at heimdall dot pm

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